There are a lot of promising bitcoin companies. However, there are some firms, investing in which raises doubts. View the details below.

Cryptocurrencies are at the peak of popularity. The crypto market cap rose to $216 billion, largely due to investments in bitcoin, the world's No.1 cryptocurrency. Investors are attracted by its soaring price. Most wonder how they can take advantage of the price increase, not buying the bitcoins. Before the launch of bitcoin futures by CME Group, the purchase and sale of the cryptocurrency is possible only on decentralized exchanges with high volatility is and limited liquidity. Experts recommend that investors pay attention to shares of companies associated with bitcoin.

Bitcoin Investment Trust

According to analysts, the correlation to bitcoin is found with the Bitcoin Investment Trust, the fund that owns bitcoins and gives investors a liquid approach to investing in the virtual currency through their broker. The Bitcoin Investment Trust holds 172,144 coins with the market value of $1.27 billion. However, the trust is almost passive, so some experts consider it having all the hallmarks of a dangerous investment.

This publicly-traded company has gone all-in with cryptocurrencies. Online retailer not only accepts bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash, it is also plans to hold a $500 million initial coin offering through its subsidiary tZero. However, experts wonder whether its shares are worth buying? The company struggles to deliver consistent growth and cannot boast of high profits. Investments in are classified as high-risk ones.


Shares of video graphics giant NVIDIA, according to experts, could bring solid revenues to investors. The company's high-powered graphics cards come in rather handy when mining cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the growing crypto market, more and more miners start to invest in NVIDIA. Experts predict a skyrocketing rise in NVIDIA shares, but its strength lies with expectations for cloud and data-center growth, not cryptocurrency mining.


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) was known as a chipmaker and the rival to Intel in the PC market. Recently, AMD has switched to graphics cards. Like NVIDIA, AMD has benefited from a surge in sales to virtual currency miners. Even after ASIC, a more specialized chipset for bitcoin mining, appeared, AMD graphic cards are still popular for mining other cryptocurrencies. However, experts say it is better not to consider buying AMD stocks as its major PC business is struggling.

First Bitcoin Capital Corp.

Economists note that this company has produced nothing but losses since its creation. First Bitcoin Capital Corp. is involved in developing virtual currencies, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency exchanges. Recently, it became a digital currency-focused company. Earlier, First Bitcoin Capital had specialized in gold mining. Lately, the company had the first-ever cryptocurrency dividend put on hold because of some issues. Experts recommend that investors stay away from this company.