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    Thread: Bonus for posting - regulations

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      Bonus for posting - regulations

      Bonus for posting

      Trader in partnership with InstaForex Company holds the campaign "Bonus for posting". Each your post at the forum can bring your extra profit!

      This campaign will not help you to earn big money. However, the main aim is incentive of the forum participation in the form of minor bonuses, which could not and do not have to become the goal of posting. It is just small, but pleasant addition for all forum members.

      Please, read attentively the campaign's rules before participation.

      1. Every Forum member automatically becomes the campaign participant.
      2. The standard reward for a post is $0.2. The Bonus for posting in the Free Dialog section is $0.05, in certain sections is $0.1 .Posting in "Forum Administrative Content", "Advertisement" and "Forex Signals" sections is unpaid. The maximum bonus amount per month is USD 50.
      3. The bonuses for the previous month are credited automatically to the trading account attached to the profile in the Bonus for Posting section from the 3rd to the 7th day of every month.
      4. The bonus cannot be withdrawn from the account, but there are no restrictions for withdrawing the profit.
      5. A participant can provide only one account for crediting bonus, and he/she is able to change the account number only once in 2 months.
      6. The bonus shall be credited to a trading account registered following the forum's referral link or indicating the "portalforum" affiliate code at registration. Otherwise, the trading account will not be attached to your profile on the forum.
      7. Withdrawal of profit made over the bonus amount is available only from the trading accounts with the highest level of verification.
      8. A forum member registered after the 15th day of a month may attach his trading account to the forum profile after the 8th day of the following month.
      A forum member registered before the 15th day of a month shall attach his trading account to the profile till the end of the month in order to receive the bonuses for this month.
      9. If a user failed to get validated or to attach a trading account to his profile during the month, his bonuses will expire in the next month.
      10. The company reserves the right to deny crediting the bonus or to cancel bonus and profit made over the bonus without explaining the reason. As a rule, such actions mean violation of the bonus program or trading regulation rules or excluding a trader from the bonus program.
      11. If a forum user has accounts with other forums, which hold Bonus for Post campaign sponsored by InstaForex, he is entitled to bonuses only from credited by the end of a month.
      12. The messages posted on forum should be informative and authentic. The authentic messages shall be exclusively posted on the forum. They shall not be copied from other resources or copied to other forums and portals. The regular positing of copied messages on the forum shall be regarded as misuse of the bonus program and can result in banning the forum member.
      13. The ad messages are not rewarded.
      14. The flood messages as well as posts with a lot of grammar mistakes and those not related to the forum topic are not rewarded. The flood messages also include such meaningless phrases as: “Hi everybody! Good luck in trading!”, “I agree”, “I think you’re right”, “Well, my opinion is the same”, “I think you are right, and want to add that…”, etc.
      15. The message shall be not shorter than 2 full lines in length exclusive of smiles and other special symbols (for display resolution of horizontal 1,366 pixels).
      16. The moderator has the right to apply the decreasing coefficient if he decides that the message does not break any rule but has nothing new or said by other forum member or so far from the thread topic that the forum would lose nothing if this message has never existed.
      17. The forum administration does not bear responsibility for hacking user’s accounts and grabbing the accrued bonuses by attaching third person’s trading accounts to user’s profiles. Please follow the safety precautions while working online. Keep your password secure and do not disclose your password to any third person. Scan your computer for viruses regularly. Change your password intermittently creating a new complex password.
      18. Several accounts registered in one name may not be participating in the campaign. The participant is prohibited from using any schemes that offer the forum users to get money reward for posting. The money reward includes but is not limited to electronic money transfer, bank or post transfers, cash payment. In case the administration detects that bonuses are credited to the trading accounts opened in one name, the accounts shall be disqualified.
      19. The bonus campaign terms may be changed by the forum Administration on a unilateral basis without prior notice to the participants.

      More detailed information on the bonus: Bonus for posting: F.A.Q.

      ATTENTION! The forum administration does not employ anyone to write posts for a pay! All announcements on the internet offering you to write messages for a pay in cash are fraudulent and deceiving. Note that such dishonest employers tend to request copies of documents to register a user account and promise to pay money for a certain amount of texts on the forum post factum.
      We caution you against fraudsters and kindly ask you to report cases of such fraud to us.
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      Though trading on financial markets involves high risk, it can still generate extra income in case you apply the right approach. By choosing a reliable broker such as InstaForex you get access to the international financial markets and open your way towards financial independence. You can sign up here.


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