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      Dear friends! All bonus programs on the forum are temporarily suspended.       If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.      
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    Thread: Bonus for posting: F.A.Q.

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      Bonus for posting: F.A.Q.

      Dear forumers!
      We are glad to announce about start a new campaign by MT5 trader portal in partnership with InstaForex Company. "Bonus for posting" is an incentive program for the forum members. We will give 20 US cents for each your post*. By the totals of a month the most active forumers will be getting bonus to a trading account with InstaForex. Profit from bonus can be withdrawn without any limits.

      All details are available here.

      *The portal Administration makes demands of posts quality. Please, read attentively the campaign conditions.

      Q: What is bonus?

      A: Bonus is a money reward for communicating at our forum. The campaign is sponsored by the title partner - InstaForex Company. The purpose of this campaign is to let Forex beginners to try their skills in real trading on financial markets without investing their own funds. For more experienced traders this bonus is just a pleasant gift for their contribution in the forum development.

      For further information about the bonus campaign, please, visit thistopic.

      Q: How can I cash my bonus out?

      A: To get the bonus you need to open a trading account in InstaForex Company and attach it to your China Forex Forum account. The bonuses you accumulated during a month are credited during the first week of the next month.

      Q: Can I withdraw the bonus from my trading account?

      A: No, you cannot. Only profit made over the bonus amount can be withdrawn.

      Q: Should I deposit my account to get the bonus?

      A: No, it's unnecessary to make any deposit for getting the bonus. But if you wish to deposit some additional funds, it's allowed.

      Q: What is the bonus amount? Does the bonus amount depend on the section where I post?

      A: Basic bonus amount is 20 cents for a post meeting the campaign conditions. In "Free dialog" section the bonus amount is 10 cents. Posting in "Forum Administrative Content", "Advertisement" and "Forex Signals" sections is unpaid.

      Q: I cannot attach my trading account to my forum account. What's wrong?

      A: There can be three reasons of this failure. First of all, make sure you are entering the correct account number and password. Secondly, the error can occur due to your account not being registered under the forum's affiliate link. To solve it, register new trading account and put a word "portalforum" (without inverted commas) to the box "Affiliate code". And finally, if your account is already attached with any other forum, sponsored by InstaForex, you won't be able to get bonuses from Bitcoin Forex Forum.

      Q: I have accounts with other forums sponsored by InstaForex. Can I get bonuses from all those forums?

      A: No, you cannot.

      Q: In order to attach the account you need to enter trading account password. Is it secure?

      A: Unfortunately it is impossible to attach an account otherwise than by entering trader's password due to MetaTrader4 platform peculiarities. Right after attachment it is recommended that you change your trader's password.

      Q: Can I change my attached account to another one?

      A: Yes, you can, but only in 2 months after you attached your current account.

      Q: Can I transfer my bonus to another account (mine, family member's, friends', mate's)?

      A: No, you cannot.

      Q: What happens in case I didn't attach any account to my profile? Will bonuses disappear?

      A: If a user failed to attach a trading account to his profile during the month, his bonuses will expire in the next month.

      Q: How is bonus estimation arranged? What happens if I lose bonus money as a result of unsuccessful trading? Should I trade it back?

      A: There are three variants.

      1) The trading was unsuccessful, but there was no stop-out on the account. In this case bonus money is summed up and you can only withdraw profit above the bonus sum. Let us consider an example. After the first month $50 of bonus money was credited to an account. As a result of unsuccessful trading by the moment of crediting the bonus for the second month there was $20 left on the account. For the second month a bonus of 70$ was credited, thus total account balance equals $90. However, total sum of the credited bonuses is 50$+70$=120$, you can withdraw profit over $120.

      2) Trading on the account was unsuccessful and a stop-out was fixed on the account. In this case the obligation on bonus sum-up is cancelled and you can withdraw profit over the bonus credited for the second month. Let us look at another example. $50 was credited for the first month. As a result of a stop-out by the day of crediting the bonus for the second month there was $2 on the account. $70 was credited for the second month and total account balance amounted to $72. Since there was a stop-out during the first month, all profit over $70 can be withdrawn.

      3) A prize bonus for any contest of China Forex Forum credited to the attached account cancels the points 1-2 for this account.

      At the end of the first month you got $49 bonus for posts and $1 for contest. Due to bad luck in trading (stop-out), by the day of crediting the bonus for the second month, you had only $2 bonus. For the second month you got $70 bonus for posts, and your total balance became $72. In order to withdraw profit made over the amount of bonuses, you should have the full amount of all credited bonuses, or $120, and profit on your trading account.

      Q: What to do, if it's already 1st (2nd, 3rd, 4th...) day of a new month, but I still haven't received my bonus? Maybe I should bother all administrators, moderators and InstaForex representatives by sending them PM with request to give me my bonus? Maybe I should spread the question "Where is my bonus" in every topic of the forum? Maybe they forgot about me? Maybe I was cheated???

      A: No. You should do that in no circumstances. This won't speed the process of bonus crediting up, but will bring additional work for the administration and InstaForex Company. If you attached your trading account to your forum profile, you will, undoubtedly, get your bonus soon. Just check your trading account once a day. Bonuses are usually credited within the first week of each month.

      Q: Can I replenish the bonus account with my own money? Can I attach my existing account with my funds on it?

      A: It is possible technically. However, you should take into account that if bonus and own trader's money are combined on the account, in case of unsuccessful trading trader's own money are counted as spent in the first turn.

      For example, $50 of bonus money was credited to a trader's account. Plus, he replenishes this account with his own $50. Total balance is $100. As a result of unsuccessful trading there are 50$ left on the account. Can the trader withdraw his $50? The answer is no since the trader's own money are counted as spent in the first turn.

      Therefore it is strongly recommended that you do not combine bonuses and your own money on a single accout if you are a beginner and/or you are not confident about your trading results. Divide your bonus accounts and accounts replenished with your own funds.

      Q: I advertise the forum among my friends (visitors of my site/blog...). Can I get any benefit from that?

      A: Of course! We are interested in spreading information about our forum in the Internet. And we award those, who spend their time for that. The forum has its own partnership program, which gives you 10-cent bonus for every post of your referral. The more active referrals you attract - the more bonuses you get.

      Q: Where can I check my bonus statistics?

      A: Enter your User CP, click option "Bonus for posting". All bonus information you need can be found there.

      Q: Bonus amounts in my Profile and under my avatar are different. Why?

      A: Bonus amount is updated once in 30 minutes in Profile and once a day under the avatar.

      Q: Sometimes I notice that my bonus is smaller than it should be? Why was it reduced?

      A: Our forum is a place for communicating, not a place for getting the fixed payment. Bonus is a gift that can be canceled by moderator if he/she thinks your messages do not meet the conditions of the campaign or contradict a subject of a topic.

      Q: Where can I find my referrals and how can I see their earnings?

      A: Enter your profile and click "Partnership program" tab. There you will find the list of all your referrals and how much you earned from their posts.

      Q: I referred a new member, but I don't see him in my partner's statisctics. What's wrong?

      A: Since, there's a member's validation system active at the forum, your referral will appear in your partner's statistics only after he/she got 10 approved posts.

      Though trading on financial markets involves high risk, it can still generate extra income in case you apply the right approach. By choosing a reliable broker such as InstaForex you get access to the international financial markets and open your way towards financial independence. You can sign up here.

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