I would love to take this post as a full warning and an educative one at that. So many people love to use online wallets and one of the feature of a wallet is safety. More and more people love enjoying writing down the key phrases that are back up keys to avoid losing their account, as it is , if you do , you can never recover your funds, this has a major fall for thousands of people who either when they started , they forgot or they lost their back up keys.
Now I opened an account with a certain exchange and would not mention it here, and deposited, traded for a while but realized the exchange fees were to high, I decided to jump from that exchange to another, while doing so , when I hit the withdrawal button for my ether since I was trading in ether , I was logged out. I knew my password very well so what I did was put in my password and try again, but that never worked, this was strange, high fees, logged out , now cannot log in, so I decided to check the recovery password section, I realized they had one but not working, now I was worried, since they had a reason as to why you could not recover your password, so I asked them, and they told me that they do not store passwords so thats why there was no way to recover, and since I needed my funds, I was asked for the recovery phrases , now at this moment I did not know there was one, so I asked was there suppose to be one>
I realized that after opening , in the setting section, there were recovery phrases , one can use to recover funds, and this was truly out of this world, I asked them , how could I have known unless you tell us while opening that if you lose your password there is a section for phrases and more so , phrases should be placed right at the time one is opening so one can know that there is another twist to the account,mind you this was not a wallet it was an exchange. stressed as I was I lost my funds , and I have ether hanging somewhere but forever lost it to an exchange but not a wallet.
My advice is , every time you are opening an account, any crypto account, check all the features before depositing, understand everything , avoid losing money unnecessarily