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      As a forex biginner.

      Good day here!
      As a member, I greet every one.
      I love and came to this forum "indicators section" because, I personally dwell on Indicators.

      To all my experience in Fx market so far, I can pet with any in my life that, ' without a trader been using 'forex indicators, we just can not survive in the industry.
      Take that!

      Even all those forex elites have 'future projection machine that shows them the price direction even before any could got awaer of the direction.
      They were able to foreseen this by using some kind of indicators.

      My point of aguement onn this is just to establish that, 'no matter how, in the Fx market world, ones needs the use of Forex Indicators.
      Take that!

      Because, I myself knew how I got to level of my understanding in forex taday.
      It all by me using indicators. I don't read news any more. I don't check Factory any more. I did what signals show me and that is it.

      I normally wins (7 out of 10 trades) and I am fan of 'biger time frame trader.
      I stated learning forex from the (daily time frame). And since, I never look back!
      Because, my mentor (MR KALL DITTMANN) told me then, as a biginner, you are going to be very good on forex if start your training by using daily chart. And I did. And, here I am today.

      Thanks for joining you.
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