I have seen thousands of people stream online trying to get some faucets, and it has been a little bit difficult and in the end it has always been a little bit well organized to look at what is happening, the most important thing is to make sure that we know how faucets work. Faucets owners are always profiting, look at it this way , you get 3 dollars for every 1000 views of an advert, right? then you get 2 satoshis for every claim and every claim you watch about 3 adverts , so the faucet owner can put up around 100,000 satoshis , this would mean 50,000 claims, which means this might translate to about 100,000 advert views, get it this way , the faucet owners earn a lot more money than the people claiming but the problem comes in when you have the value of the going being given unreliable