Hello how are you doing, the Bitcoin that is the rave of the moment bthat have outshined all currecy, have you taken a moment to study this currency, do you know that butcoin was so worthless in 2010 that Hanyecz
was the first person to use Bitcoins in commercial transaction.Yes Mr Hanyecz On May 22, 2010, when bitcoin was a little over a year old, he bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. The day is now known as “Bitcoin Pizza Day.” With one bitcoin now worth $9,500, this is incredible how can a currency rise this far beyond all currency, one truth is this Bitcoins disobey's fundamental analysis, yes this currency is not tied to any government agency in the world, Non Farm Payroll, Pandemics like Covid-19 etc does not have huge impact on the currency and this had lead to the unprecedented growth of the Bitcoin
So did you ever bought Bitcoins when it was worthless, when 10,000 Bitcoins bought two pizzas, or are you scrambling for Bitcoins now,
As an Investment Specialist I always advise my clients to invest when the asset to be invested in worth nothing and not when it is up to certain resistance level that we then hop in, because by hopping in late two things happens,
1. Either the Bitcoin is too expensive for the retail investors to buy it
2. Or the crypto currency is already at some resistance level.
So as trader's we must have an eye for sound investment and buy early when the price is way affordable. Cheers 🙏