Hello how are doing, I know you are doing well,now we are entering the post covid 19 era, an era after the pandemic have cost damages that have crippled many economies, as of today many economies are at the verge of sliding into reccesion, many are bidding on how to take more loan from world bank and IMF to refinance there existing loan many companies are laying of staffs as a result of diminished overhead cost to keep the companies afloat. So is time to brace up as a crptocurrencies trader's and better your lot.
This is because the crypto currency is less affected by fundamental analysis so the crypto currency is not much negatively affected by the pandemic.
How do you get started, how do you start the retracement of you steps to decode the remaining months of the year to end it on a positive footing.
Keep in touch with the upcoming articles as advice and recommendation, which will include the short term and the long term basis will be given out.
Stay tuned. Cheers 🙏