Trailing stop is a set up in your trading platform that has not been well utilize by many Bitcoin traders, is a set-up that automatically change the stop-loss in your account and safeguard your profit.
Is one of the best strategy to use when you are riding the band in your trade.
Exertion of trailing stop in your trading platform, removes emotions from trade and also stops you from glueing you screen all day watching how your trades is going.
If for example you can insert 10 pips in your trailing stop so literally mean anytime you trade goes 10 pips to your favour, the stop loss is adjusted and it locks in that 10 pips, and it continues locking your profit on every 10 pips that moves to you favour and if the market start going negative, it automatically close your trade with all your profit intact.
Make it a point of duty today by utilizing stop-loss on your trading platform and succed as a forex trader. Cheers 🙏