1.An amount of an affiliate reward depends on how long referrals have been registered at the forum at the moment of crediting their bonuses. So, affiliate commissions are calculated in percent of their bonuses for posting:

- Referrals’ registration up to 1 year brings a 25% commission
- Referrals’ registration from 1 year up to 2 years brings a 12.5% commission

Commissions are not credited for referrals if they have been registered at the forum for over 2 years.

2.Participation rules
To take part in the Affiliate program, the only requirement is to become a participant of the campaign called Bonuses for Posting and to attach an account to your profile.
No extra registration for the Affiliate program is required.

3.Affiliate links can be found in the Affiliate program bookmark in the profile.

There are several kinds of Affiliate links.

An Affiliate link to the forum enables a partner to invite referrals to the forum. This link is ready to use.

An Affiliate link to the InstaForex website enables a partner to attract referrals to InstaForex. To use this link, you should enter your InstaForex affiliate code instead of the XXXX characters. You will be assigned this code after you have registered as an InstaForex partner.

A joint Affiliate link to the forum and InstaForex allows a partner to attract clients both to the MT5 portal and InstaForex. Similar to the previous link, you have to be registered as an InstaForex partner and possess an affiliate link.

4.Make sure that you use only approved methods of promoting your affiliate link.
Partners are prohibited:
- To advertise the forum as a web resource on composing texts at a charge
- To offer a higher reward for posting than that specified in Paragraph 1
- To send their own affiliate links in response to private messages of forum participants
- To encourage forum participants to open a new account under their affiliate link

Website owners are recommended to install a banner of our forum with an embedded affiliate link.
Besides, an affiliate link can be promoted on various Internet resources, forums, and blogs. It would be a good idea to share information about the forum with friends and acquaintances. They could be invited to register by means of the provided affiliate link.

5.Affiliate bonuses are credited within the first 10 days of a month in accordance with results of the previous month.
Affiliate bonuses are not credited at the same time with bonuses for posting.

6.In case a client is referred through an affiliate link from the same IP address, this referred client is eliminated from the Affiliate program.

7.It is prohibited to earn bonuses from accounts of participants in the Affiliate program and from accounts of immediate relatives. Besides, they cannot be registered as a referral.

8.InstaForex retains the right to exclude some accounts from bonus campaigns on the forum in the following situations. If any registration details of an account of an Affiliate program participant coincide with registration details of an account of his/her referred client or if the same IP address is used for a trading account of a referral and a partner, such accounts are considered suspicious.

9.1.A user has registered via my affiliate link but has not appeared yet in the list of my referrals. Why?

There are two reasons:
a) A user has already registered but has not clicked yet on the activation link in the email, received after registration.
b) A user has already clicked on someone’s affiliate link earlier, which could have been under a banner or widget on any website. So, this user could have been already referred by someone else.

9.2.A referred user has disappeared from the list of my referrals.
Such a user must have been banned. If so, he/she will be again displayed in the list of your referred users after a blocking term expires.

9.3.How can I find out who referred me to the forum?
The administration does not inform forum users as to who exactly referred them to the forum.

9.4.How can I check whether my affiliate link is valid?

a) Clear cookies of the browser or go to the forum through the browser which you have never used to enter MT5
b) Click on your affiliate link
c) Go to the registration page http://www.forexdengi.com/register.php and check for your nick in the Referrer field