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Thread: With the Hearn announcement, the BitcoinXT subreddit announces support of Bitcoin Cla

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    With the Hearn announcement, the BitcoinXT subreddit announces support of Bitcoin Cla

    When Mike Hearn announced he was done with Bitcoin, it was basically the final nail in the coffin for BitcoinXT. The BitcoinXT subreddit made an 'official' announcement stating that they are going to support Bitcoin Classic. The statement is below.
    It appears consensus is forming around Bitcoin Classic, which is a relief. Some very capable people have already committed to its development. I have subscribed to the /r/Bitcoin_Classic subreddit, and I plan on switching to the Classic implementation in the near future. I also encourage others to do likewise.

    This does bring up more than a few questions, central to this subreddit being, "What is the plan for r/BitcoinXT?"
    Bitcoin requires a place where the community can openly discuss the future of the protocol, and until there's a place for that to happen in a way that's provably untamperable (not a word) this subreddit will still be here.

    Perhaps we'll rebrand as Bitcoin Cross Talk, or some other acronym that fits with XT?

    It's strange to say that I'm proud to have had almost no hand in the fostering or guidance of the community that is r/BitcoinXT. I will say that /u/statoshi and /u/peoplma have done the lion's share of work in that they've capably worked on this sub's customization, removal of the incessant scam posts, and openly answering all questions.

    In a very short period of time we accumulated nearly 14,000 subscribers, and have become perhaps the largest subreddit that allows discussion of anything related to Bitcoin. The Bitcoin community deserves nothing less.

    Source: ... bitcoinxt/

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    Even after you get past the "soft" fork, it bugs me when people say "increase the block size" and omit the word limit.

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    If you are new to Bitcoin, check out We Use Coins and Please, educate me on your view as to if the max block size should ever change ... I have even seen personal attacks and shaming people as "arguments" Isn't it possible to increase the blocksize through a soft fork similar to segwit as

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