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Thread: Supermarket Accept Bitcoin

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    Supermarket Accept Bitcoin

    Is there any Supermarket or Malls Accept Bitcoin near you ?

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    As far as I can recall, I am unaware of any supermarket chains that accept BTC as a payment method. Having been said, there are ways in which you could still use your BTC to pay in said stores.
    There are numerous debit cards around that are either linked to Bitcoin wallets or that are able to be loaded using your BTC balance. The balance is then converted at the current exchange rate to a total in FIAT which is then spendable in store. Its not ideal but still better than nothing.

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    They allow their online products to be bought with bitcoins.the accept to the bitcoins are supermarket and shops may be stores.
    The supermarket related to the currencies system used to the business of bitcoin.the allow the acceptance of supermarket bitcoins
    are taking over the crypto currency marketplace.some many large companies are accepting bitcoins as a sources of funds.

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    No one accepts Bitcoin in my country despite its higher value.

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    I haven't heard of any supermarket that started receiving Bitcoin for payment. I think it will still be a little complicated for physical stores to do that. A lot of online stores don't even allow it.

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    I only know very few establishments that accept Bitcoin. And most of the time, paying with Bitcoin takes time for the processing. So I think it would be really difficult for local transactions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by normaster View Post
    Is there any Supermarket or Malls Accept Bitcoin near you ?
    Here in Nigeria ,SuperMarts don't have bitcoins cards that one can use to pay in bitcoins. Online platforms like Cash U is selling cards one can purchase and use to buy products even in any Superstores and in any part of the world.

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    It will be difficult for bitcoin to be used for offline transactions. The only way it will be possible is of they have bitcoin backed card linked to one blockchain account. Without that, it is unlikely for now.

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    No supermarket or store that accepts Bitcoin yet. But sometimes ago I heard that a company is trying to develop Bitcoin POS machine

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