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Thread: The best book to learn MQL programming

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    The best book to learn MQL programming

    Please can someone please tell me which book I can download or buy so I can learn how to code with the MQL programming language so I could be able to make my own EA and for others as well, I have tried searching online but didn't make any progress on that, so I will be very grateful if any one can help me out.

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    I found a book in amazon and the book price $25-$29, just type Expert Advisor Programming in Amazon search page because I can't share the link here. The book creator have 2 versions of book, MQL4 programming and MQL5 programming. Based on the review, it have more than 4 stars review so perhaps this book is what you need to learn MQL programming.

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    if you need a mql programing book, you simply check the metaquotes website, you will find a large knowledge about mql and how to creat your own EA, no need to buy anything or download any other book if you know this one, it's a complete mql4 course, you can check the link below and see yourself.
    You can also search a large number of knowledge about MQL ,i also found the book "MQL for trader" .You can just click and download the book you can also this visit :

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    Thank you for the tutorial. I am new in this business but i read elsewhere its good idea to learn about forex robots and if my strategy works fine i could make a robot for it and with this help i will learn to do it quicker.

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    There is an official MQL4 tutorial book.

    Unfortunately the MQL5 version official one is really ugly, its more like a documentation than tutorial.

    But there is an MQL5 Book for sale in the Amazon and as far as I know, its the only book which is available and popular ( there may be other books but they are not popular at all ).

    Here's the link;

    But to tell you the truth I have a copy of it but I can't just publish it in here to honor the writers.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, if you're new to programming, its better to learn another language from the basic first.

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    The best book to learn MQL programming

    Im considering getting one of these but i have some questions:
    Where can I learn how to program it?
    Are there any tutorials?
    Why are there no examples on the wiki there is no text on this page, blah bah blah?
    Could someone help me find out how to learn the language?
    Otherwise, a very nice looking console

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    Every thing is not buying. I know of an app you can download to learn MySQL programming and other related programming course. You can also learn websites design. The app is W3School

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    The best book to learn MQL programming

    I prefer an old-school book. Visit your local purveyor of knowledge, or buy one online. Youd best come up with something more specific, such as which language you wish to learn, first though.

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