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Thread: Kucoin exchange good?

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    Kucoin exchange good?

    Hi everyone,

    Is there anyone here who has used Kucoin exchange here? If yes then how it is compared to others whether in terms of fee or security.

  2. InstaForex
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    Well it sounded like one. The thread starter didnt share any web link so i have to do a little search to find it. I think its this web that he is talking about

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    From some of the review i read, it seems that Kucoin is based in China. I wonder how it will effect users when China is clamping down on crypto. Would need more info on Kucoin before i can decide about it.

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    Kucoin seems to be very popular for new cryptocurrencies that have completed their ICO, which means that it is a great exchange if you want to purchase cryptocurrencies at the very start of their trading journey.

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    Well I have used kucoin before it seems okay. I have used in many transactions before. But it is more than 5 years I used it. Back then it was good. But I don't know now

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