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Thread: Trade Signals for AUD/USD TRADE WATCHBOARD

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    Trade Signals for AUD/USD TRADE WATCHBOARD

    To be master of one is better than to be master of none. From 29th June forward, trading signals on AUD/USD would be posted here daily. For more info, send a message to my inbox.

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    Monday 29th June, 2020

    Buy @ 0.68600 TP@ 0.68790

    Sell @ 0.69100 TP @ 0.68500

    More to come in the next 12-24 hours. Watch out.

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    Lowest Spread across of brokers

    Trade AUD/USD and have your profits from few pips

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    Tuesday 30th June, 2020

    Buy @ 0.68590 TP@ 0.68890 = 300pips

    Sell @ 0.69100 TP @ 0.68600 = 500pips

    More to come in the next 12-24 hours. Watch out.

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    If you took a buy, you can close the trade now at 0.68830 as it could briefly shoot up as high as 0.69140 for a split second. Place a sell limit for 0.68950 and TP @0.68550. Cool 400pips awaits you.

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    Buy limit wherever the price falls below 0.68490 set TP@ 0.68890 400 pips (excluding spreads)

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    The price limit has been pinned around 0.69100. Look out for a sell if the price goes below the resistance level of 0.68880. The price would still buy later on today, but it will sell more early today. Look for a TP @ 0.68350= 330 pips.

    More to come later today.

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    AUDUSD seems to be building confidence to revisit the region around the nearly 11-month low of 0.7064. The recent strengthening in the pair is reflected in the short-term oscillators and driven by the recent bullish cross of the moving average; simple vile (SMA) of 200; as well as the ascending of 50.

    The MACD, deep in the positive region, has risen back above its line; to the red, while the rising RSI is gradually heading north towards l237; overbought limit of 70.

    If the positive sentiment strengthens at 250;the initial resistance may come from the region 243; n of 0.7064 - 0.7081, around 11 months. Exceeding this 37; key limit, the obst225; ass 0.7136 may deter the price of trying the m225; maximum of 0.7206 reached on April 17. The additional gains can then spread to the 0.7283 barrier.

    On the other hand, if sellers take the reins, the initial friction may occur from the m237; minimum of 0.6832 before a critical support section of 0.6776 to 0.6749, which is reinforced by the SMA of 50 you give. By dipping below this, the 0.6697 level and the 200 SMA, thus slightly below 0.6669, may attempt to end the decline. The first is the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement of the ascending section from 237; minimum of 17 241; one and a half from 0.5506 to 225; maximum of 0.7064. Overcoming these dif 237; ciles obst 225; support butts, the pair can target the 0.6566 barrier seen by 250; last time in late May.

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