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Thread: Bitcoin trading in India is on fire

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    Bitcoin trading in India is on fire

    After legalizing bitcoin in India, bitcoin trading in India exploded in mid-May. Over the past month, there has been data indication, indicating that more bitcoin has changed hands on local, peer to peer exchange in India than before.

    If this continues, with the way Indian's are going about bitcoin trading. The Indian market is likely to hold a great potential and importance for the future of the crypto economy. Since people in India is betting big on bitcoin

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    Take note. When a person is trading bitcoin, it doesn't automatically mean that he's betting that bitcoin will get big. It could be the case that a certain person is only trading bitcoin just to take advantage of the high volatility, and just mainly to take money.

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    I've seen the news about the surge of trading in India just like as it's stated from these sources a few months ago.

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    Well, people always interprete signs in a wrong way. So, in this case increase of trading volume is looked as "betting big" on Bitcoin which, of cours, doesn't necessary be the case.
    I just expect predictions how this will impact the global market and that because of this Bitcoin price will "rise to the moon". This is something that usually follows.

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    Wow. I think this is really good. Having more traders would give our precious coin more liquidity. It is also great new that the coin is finally legalized in India.

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