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Thread: What old coins are you still holding?

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    What old coins are you still holding?

    What old coins are you still holding?

  2. InstaForex
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    I haven't very old coin because my centralized wallet was hacked.

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    Which other coins do you have?

    I am not looking for active coins that are listed on exchanges.

    Im curious, ill be doing some digging on most coins that will be mentioned here to learn about them.

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    Currently holding Electroneum, Miota and ICX. Although these coins are not really old but they are over 3years in existence. Hence I deem them old.

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    Still holding Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. These coins are reliable and I know that these will keep growing.

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    Well, I believe Bitcoin is one of the oldest and I am still holding it until now. I rarely trade.

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    I already sold all of my old coins which mostly are dead now. It was the right choice to sell it before its value ceased. If I haven't then I would only be holding on useless coins.

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    I've been holding Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin for 3 months.

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