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Thread: Is ethereum investment for future?

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    Is ethereum investment for future?

    Is ethereum investment for future?

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    For me, so far this is the best use of Ethereum.
    That's why Ethereum is still on the highest volume for smart contract cryptocurrency, some other cryptocurrency that has smart contract feature is base on Ethereum or just a copycat, just why I am also a believer of Ethereum.

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    Neutrally crypto currency is for the Future, hence the reason why it is always emphasized that we do our researches promptly.
    be it etherum, bitcoin or other altcoins if you do the proper research, they are the investment for the future.

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    No doubt in terms of Altcoins Ethereum is the main top good investment for the long term, it can give nice savings in the future.
    Besides, majority of the people here in the crypto business believed that ETH is always next into bitcoin. So, at this point of time its a good chance for us to buy em then hold.

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    My investment on Ethereum is for the far future. I am letting my fund grow with the coin. Sometimes, I also trade to maximize the profitability of the coin.

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    Ethereum is a good product to invest in. It may not surpass Bitcoin but that does not mean that this coin would no longer grow. AS a matter of fact, I think it is growing alongside Bitcoin.

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    I am still investing in Ethereum until now despite the emergence of new altcoins. I believe that this coin will continue to grow and will have a great future ahead.

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