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Thread: Why has Bcash failed at becoming digital cash?

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    Why has Bcash failed at becoming digital cash?

    Why has Bcash failed at becoming digital cash?

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    BCash has failed because we don't need 100 different forks for every single thing some part of the community wants different. At some point, most alts will prove to be absolutely useless. Most of them already are, but some people still wake up from time to time investing a few bucks in them to try their luck.

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    With every new fork that pops up, their existence becomes more worthless and nonsense. Let's be realistic - we'll only have few that will survive, and BTC will probably always sit at the top.

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    I know why people don't use Bcash for payment. Bcash's supply is equal to bitcoin, but most people in the world only know Bitcoin. Most people just want to buy bitcoins and hold, and they will pay in bitcoin. In addition, the second reason is that Bcash is much more volatile than bitcoin. traders also know when holding Bcash, the risk will be very high, thereby creating fewer people to use Bcash to pay. I just know that, any other reason?

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    I think it is because no one really uses Bcash for anything. Bitcoin holders are using Bitcoin itself when purchasing.

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    Investors will always prefer a coin with huge support such as Bitcoin. They cannot just accept any new coin without considering its volatility and other factors.

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