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Thread: Stop Loss

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    Stop Loss

    Episode 2 On Money Management.


    Stop Loss.

    Stop Loss is one of the essentially recommended tools in Bitcoin trading, many traders accounts that had been blown up over the years can be attributed to the inability in the use of stop loss in there trade, in a research my team conducted in combination with a poll on professional trader's, three things has been responsible for liquidation of many trading accounts,

    1. Not using stop loss in trading and also inappropriate use of stop loss.

    2. Unprofessional or outdated trading plan.

    3. Diviating from your trading plan.

    But stop loss tend to lead the list, so as a trader we must get addicted to the use of stop loss in all of our trade, as a brake pads in Tesla cars is essentially needed for a safe trip, Cars are always made to move forward but a brake is all applied to have a smooth ride and avoid accident.

    The brake in Bitcoin trading is the stop loss that watches your trade for you, while the mentality of every trader is to make profit, the* brake pads is Needed to mitigate any eventuality that tries to negates your trade.

    So my fellow Bitcoin trader we are on this journey for a long time, trading is our habit, is more of a lifestyle so take a minute while opening a trade and add a stop-loss on your trade today, and save-guard your account for the future. Cheers

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    Thanks for this helpful information. This is a tool that some investors often ignore. Honestly, stop loss has saved me a lot of times already. It has limited my losses. If I did not set a stop loss in my trades, then I probably would have lost enormous amounts already.

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    You are very right about stop loss. Recently I just made a trade but before the trade, I have been making some trades with no stop loss and I have been making lots of profit. Recently I made a trade with no stno loss
    But unfortunately for me I loss the whole money .
    So it is best for every trader to always use stop trade

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    Hi there! This information would be greatly helpful to other members especially the newbies. You have made your explanation clear and easy to understand. Personally, I also always use Stop Loss because it limits the risks.

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    After acquiring a great loss on a trade that I forgot to check back to, I realized how important the stop loss is. If only I had set an SL, then the losses would have been limited.

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